Public Administration gathers, produces, reproduces and disseminates a wide range of data and information in many areas of public social and economic life. The vast majority of this huge volume of data is either not accessible by citizens, or published in ways that do not facilitate or even hinder its reuse. The openness and free availability of such data is one of the dominant themes in public debate and now supported by international examples.

The possibility of further use of this information can help both to transparency and accountability of government to citizens, as well as, to the overall improvement in the level of participation of the latter in democratic structures. It also creates conditions for economic development by allowing value added services to be created and helping to disseminate scientific knowledge.

In Greece, although the Constitutional basis for proactive and freely available data electronically has existed since 2001, it was only recently that the legal framework implementing such a feature has been instituted. The Law 3979/2011 (Act on Electronic Government) provides free disposal of the data without substantial limitations, in a way that allows their reuse from everyone. But what finally finds the essence of the right is not only the legal framework introduced, but also, organizational and technological options implementing it. In this area, further steps and coordination are necessary.

This website aiming to highlight the potential of freely available public data, presents examples of use with a way that increases the informational value of such data. The application is under constant development and does not guarantee the validity of the information derived from third party sources.